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Electrostatics (Electric Charge and Coulomb's Law, Electric Field, Gauss’ Law, Work and Energy, Capacitor and Capacitance)
Dynamic Electricity (Electric Current, Electrical Power, Electricity Measuring Instrument, RC Circuit)
Static Magnetism (Magnetic Field, Magnetic Force, Ampere's Law, Induction and Inductance, Electromagnetic Vibration and AC current, Magnetic Components)
Maxwell Equation (Gauss’ Law for magnetic field, Magnetic field induction, shift current, magnetisation, Maxwell equation on components)
Electromagnetic Wave (Energy transport and pointing vector, radiation pressure, polarisation, Geometrical Optics Principles, Reflection and Refraction, Perfect Reflection, Polarisation by Reflection)
Geometrical Optics (Formation of shadows by reflection, formation of shadows by refraction, optical instruments)
Physical optics (light as wave, light interference, light diffraction)
Relativity (Galileo’s relativity, Einstein’s postulate)
Quantum theory, material structure (History of the concept of atoms, atomic physics)
Astrophysics and cosmology (star physics concept of universe)
Solid Physics (Characteristics of electricity of solid objects, semiconductor, diodes and transistor)

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