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Propositional logic (definitional propositional logic definition, interpretation, semantic rules, sentence properties, truth tables, semantic trees, falsification, valid sentence schemes, total substitution and partial substitution, double substitution, expanded interpretation, agreement, equivalence ).
Arguments and verification techniques (definition, valid argument, verification with truth table, inference rule, proving implication, proving biimplications, proof with natural deduction).
Boolean algebra (definition, duality principle, laws, addition, multiplication, fundamental product, containment, quantity of product, sum of minimal product, prime implicant, consensus method, canonical form, karnaugh mapping, SAT).
Predicate logic (definition of sentence in predicate logic, quantifier, sentence quantifiable, variable, constant, predicate, universe of discourse, open sentence, free and bound appearing, open sentence, sentence with double quantification, translation to and from predicate logic).
Semantics of informal predicate logic (interpretation, substitution, truth quantification, falsity, consistency, equivalence, argument validity by quantification).
Semantics of formal predicate logic (extension, interpretation, variable assignment, satisfaction, contradictory, consistency, truth and falsity under interpretations and variable assignments).
Advanced predicate logic (valid sentence scheme, validity with additional requirements, equivalence, safe substitution, value property, valid scheme with substitution, recognition and deletion function).
Basic modal logic, linear temporal logic, computation tree logic.

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