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Definition and components of computer programs, algorithms, data structures and programming languages.
Stages of problem solving, structured programming concepts and presentation techniques algorithm.
Simple algorithm on single data, prime checking, determining GCD & LCM and conversion of number system.
c++ Introduction Data Structure and Language Programming, Input / Output Statement, Identifier, Data Types, Operators.
Algorithm Structure / Computer Program, sequential, control statements, branching statements, nested control statement.
Array data type, Introduction and array declaration, Accessing data on array, Working with many arrays, 2D Matrices / arrays. Data type array.
Data record / struct type, Struct declaration, Access data record / struct.
Modular Programming / Subprogramming, Definition of subprogram / function, global and local variables, Formal and actual parameters, Recursive Definition, Recursive Subprogram.
Sorting and Searching, Methods of sorting data (insertion sort, selection sort, bubble sort, merge sort, quick sort), data search algorithm (linear search, binary search).
Pointer data type, dynamic data structure, pointer declaration, Use of pointer on linked list.

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