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Synchronous networks. Leader election in synchronous ring networks.
Breadth-first search. Broadcast and convergecast. Shortest paths.
Sp Neural Networksing trees. Minimum sp Neural Networksing trees.
Fault-tolerant consensus. Link failures: the two generals problem. Process failures (stopping, Byzantine). Algorithms for agreement with stopping and Byzantine failures. Exponential information gathering.
Number-of-processor bounds for Byzantine agreement. Weak Byzantine agreement. Time bounds for consensus problems.
k-set-agreement. Approximate agreement. Distributed commit.
Asynchronous distributed computing. Formal modeling of asynchronous systems using interacting state machines (I / O automata). Proving correctness of distributed algorithms.
Non-fault-tolerant algorithms for asynchronous networks. Leader election, breadth-first search, shortest paths, broadcast and convergecast.
Synchronizers. Synchronizer applications. Synchronous vs. asynchronous distributed systems.
Time, clocks, and the ordering of events. State-machine simulation. Vector timestamps.
Stable property detection. Distributed termination. Global snapshots. Deadlock detection.
Asynchronous shared-memory systems. The mutual exclusion problem. Mutual exclusion algorithms.
Mutual exclusion algorithms. Bounds on shared memory for mutual exclusion. Resource allocation. The Dining Philosophers problem.
Shared-memory multiprocessors. Contention, caching, locality. Practical mutual exclusion algorithms. Reading / writing locks.

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