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definition and classification of research. Domain area of ​​research in the field of computer science. Types of research and samples.
Formulation scientific problem. Selection of theme / research topic.
Research ethics. Academic integrity; Plagiarism, sanction and prevention of plagiarism; Plagiarism detection software; Legality issues and Patents.
Qualitative and quantitative research methods
Software development research method
Methods of experimental research
Measurement and data collection. Types of research data; research and measurement variables; Data sampling and sampling techniques; Survey / observation, interview; Data collection software.
Null hypothesis and statistical test. definition the null hypothesis; Hypothesis testing; Statistical analysis and interpretation.
Correlation and regression analysis. Univariate and multivariate data, examples of correlation and regression test data and their interprestation
Research management. Multidisciplinary research; Sources of funding and research grants in commuting science and information technology

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