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Software as a product; software process model, Types of software, application examples and role of soft software, Software characteristics.
Software Development Methodology. Software cycles, conventional software development methods, Agile Methods, The Unified Process (UP), Advantages and Disadvantages of software development methods, software development management principles.
Concepts and principles of analysis. Analysis and requirements specification, Business process and software requirements determination, Principles of analysis, Software specifications.
Data modeling, ERD, Functional modeling and information flow, Modeling of system traits / behavior, Structured analysis mechanism
Software Design. Principles / design concepts, Modular design.
Design of system architecture and data. Software architecture, architectural style, database design, Mapping software requirements to architecture.
User interface design. General interface rules / criteria, User intermediate design, Modeling and task analysis, Phase / interface design activities, examples of implementation
The basic concept of object-oriented software engineering. Object-based software development approach, Business process and scenario, Object-oriented needs analysis, uses case diagram, class diagram
Object oriented software design. UML, Principles of object oriented design, interaction diagrams, examples of Object oriented application programs, Testing object-oriented.
Design on the component level. Graphic design notation, Tabular design notation, Programming language design, Comparison of design notation.
Software testing techniques. Fundamentals of software testing, Design use test cases, White-box testing, Ground-flow testing, Testing of control structures, Black box testing.
Strategy of software testing. Strategic approaches to software testing, Unit testing and integrated, Verification and Validation, Testing system, Debugging.

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